The Business of IoT

The Business of IoT is a meetup group looking at the business models, technology platforms and data that are behind the IoT.

Our focus is the business side of IoT. We want bring together established and up-and-coming players in the commercial IoT, to reflect and discuss what needs to happen to leverage the huge potential of connected devices across and build bridges into the often closed ecosystems of different vendors.

Our core themes are

  • business models supported by IoT
  • bringing it all together, how to connect data silos, open up and share your data in the ecosystem
  • the broader world and how to bring location and physical context together
  • devices at scale, meshed networks, NFC, Thread and other emerging standards
  • scalable platforms and models - the backend of IoT, how do you deal will billions of events a day, support, customer service
  • supporting technologies - what technologies can support business at this scale

Upcoming Meetups

The Business of IoT, March 2016

2016-03-00 19:00, 2016-03-00 19:00 at TBC, Cambridge

We will be holding a special Business of IoT Meetup / Social in Cambridge on March 9th in conjunction with the IoT Forum 2016 ( More details to follow.

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Past Meetups

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Venue sponsors, Feb 2016 Meetup

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